Create The Venetian Bedroom Of Your Dreams

Ideas For A Romantic Venetian Bedroom

The bedroom should be a place of refuge and retreat. Inspired by the classical charm of old-world Venice, a Venetian bedroom will give you the feel of far away Italian luxury within the reach of your own four walls.

With a little effort, you can begin the transformation with a faux plaster finish on your bedroom walls. Begin with a thin layer and allow it to dry. Follow up with a thicker layer, adding texture by using a small trowel and working lines in the finish to create the look of an ancient stucco wall. Apply a warm golden paint color to the walls. This is the basis of your romantic Venetian bedroom. Crown molding installed around the top of the plastered walls will add an architectural feel to the space.

A few pieces of older, distressed furniture will give the room a touch of grace. Look for pieces with deep, rich earth tones, or refinish a few if you have the time. Add elements of texture to the furniture where possible. For example, a faux Italian tapestry table runner atop a large dresser or even a book laden wooden bookcase gives the room the sense of depth and richness essential to Venetian design.
Adorn the bed with a deep wine colored comforter and several pillows in matching or jewel toned colors add texture and warmth to the bed. The wine color will work with the golden hue of the faux plaster walls to add a touch of soft elegance.

For the wall decor, look for a large framed mirror to serve as a focal point for one wall. You can add touches of Venetian class by applying a gilded finish to the frame. Accent the framed mirror with a pair of metal sconces on either side. For other wall pieces, nothing compares with the traditional comedy-tragedy masks to offset Venetian style.

Other touches around the room may include rich red and golden hued dresser scarves, metallic lamps or candle holders, as well as natural stone. Even a few inexpensive red or deep golden candles help tie together the look of your Venetian bedroom.
For the floor, jewel tones in deep reds work well with the gold tint in the faux plaster walls. The lighting should be soft and elegant, opt for smaller lamps over a large overhead light of chandelier.

For a finishing touch, add one glass of your favorite Italian wine as you sink into the classic luxury of your old world Venetian bedroom.

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