Venetian Mirrors Handmade Murano Mirrors and Faithful ancient reproductions

Authentic Italian Mirrors And Faithful Reproductions

In the 16th century, Venetian mirrors were typically owned only by royalty, or the those in the wealthiest households. Today, consumers have the opportunity to purchase authentic Italian Venetian mirrors, which are still hand-crafted by master artists of Venice. These master craftsmen continue to add many (and sometimes all) of the details by hand, including the traditional ornate etching. These mirrors may have some of the traditional gold inlay, and many have distinctive beveled edges, all crafted by the artisan.

Reproductions of Venetian style mirrors makes use of more modern mirror-making techniques, primarily in the making of the actual mirrored surfaces. Back in the 16th century, the crystal clear reflective quality of the authentic Venetian glass mirrors was unparalleled, whereas today, high quality mirrors are affordable and widely made. The details in many instances are still added by hand. The use of mercury has been replaced with other liquid metals, like silver nitrate. Reproductions continue to use precious metals, high quality glass, beautiful etchings, and distinctive shapes. These mirrors are created by skilled experts, so the word “reproduction”, should in no way, be understood as something negative.

Mirrors today, as in the 16th century, offer light, brightness, and a decorative touch to any room. Whether purchasing an luxurious Italian Venetian mirror, or a reproduction, the purpose and function of the mirror remains the same. The ornate nature of a Venetian mirror may not fit the design aesthetics of every household, but for the right spot, in the right room, these mirrors offer a distinct and luxurious flare.

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