Ideas For A Venetian Bedroom Mirror

The Venetian mirror is one of those pieces of elegant decor that has become timeless and will never lose its allure. Venetian mirrors have been handmade for over 400 years to lend an air of sophistication and elegance to any room. One of the best rooms in which to display or use a Venetian mirror is the bedroom. Of course, they are often used as attention-getting pieces, but sometimes beauty should be a private experience.

Personal taste plays a large role in the exact Venetian mirror that will work best in your bedroom and size of the mirror will depend a lot on the size of the room and other furniture and fixtures already present. A classic, rich bed and furniture of hard woods are necessary to bring the most out of the mirror. A Venetian mirror uncomplemented is a waste of a mirror. A classic antique bedroom suite would be a perfect match.

There are several different styles and shapes of Venetian mirrors available that work for different bedrooms. Among those are:

Round Venetian mirrors – These are the traditional, Italian-style Venetian mirrors. They are created by experienced artisans through a series of cutting, polishing, and editing that make each piece unique.

Olympia Venetian mirrors – This style is representative of the art of Venice but have come to be symbolic of modern wealth and luxury. Paradoxically, these mirrors are among the most affordable of all Venetian mirror styles.

Ilonah Venetian mirrors – The Ilonah is synonymous with Italian. Considered by some to be the most beautiful of Venetian mirrors by those who craft the mirrors themselves. They hang in a middle price range and are best when you want to make people believe they are actually in Europe.

Pia Venetian mirror – The Pia is a rectangular Venetian mirror. The apex is curved inward and highly decorative. This mirror is prized for its craftsmanship, which uses a series of etching, beveling, and polishing.

Ciara Venetian mirror – These octagonal Venetian mirrors are unique in shape and loved for how drastically they can change the look and feel of a room. Although they are created by skilled artisans, usually Italian, they have a more cosmopolitan feel with vague European aftertones.

To accent a Venetian mirror, a few different techniques can be used. Painting the walls a yellow hue is the most popular. Rugs of Italian design work well, also. Gold-toned chandeliers will complement a Venetian mirror and a few sconces are sometimes beneficial. There are so many ways to effectively use a Venetian mirror in the bedroom it is largely a matter of trial and error combined with personal taste.

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