Venetian Style Living Room Tips

Use Venetian Decor To Spice Up Your Living Room

There are two dominate styles when decorating a Venetian living room: contemporary Venetian and historic Venetian. Although these two styles are rooted in the same vein, they are very different with a little cross over.
Both styles share a love for rich vibrant colors. With a contemporary Venetian living room a bold red couch and luxurious curtains blend well with tables with clean lines. Faux-stone, subtle patterns, and earth tones can set off pieces of staple furniture in daring colors. With a historic Venetian living room, wood furniture with carved and painted detailing will be right at home. Baroque furniture fits with historic Venetian decor while Baroque-esque fits with contemporary Venetian decor.

There is one important thing to remember with both styles: the opulence is in the details. Use mirrors that have ornate scroll work; chandeliers made from fine crystal or, for those on a tight budget, what looks like fine crystal; and ornate wall hangings to add opulence.

Always allow as much natural light as possible.

When you’re decorating a Venetian living room, remember the rich history and culture of Venice. Faith, family, and food shape the culture and the spirit of those concepts should come through in decor. The scroll work connected to Victorian style furniture is pretty much standard scroll work. The scroll work connected to Venetian style is reminiscence of grape vines. The lines twist and curve amongst itself and at times will double-back over itself.

No discussion about Venetian decor would be complete without addressing the masks. Venetian masks harkens back to a centuries old tradition associated with the Carnival of Venice. They come in five different types. The bauta is a full face mask with no mouth opening, but the chin would be pointed up which allows the wearer to eat and drink in anonymity. The volto or larva mask is predominately white. It is meant to be reminiscent of ghosts. The moretta hasn’t been commonly worn since the mid to late 1700’s. It’s characterized by a veil that falls over the mask. The columbine is a half mask. The plague doctor or medico della peste are the masks with the long beak-like protuberance. These masks are essential to any Venetian living room.

One final note, don’t go overboard with the opulence. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the beauty of the decor for a Venetian living room, but that will overwhelm a room. This is especially true for a contemporary look. Pick a few select pieces such as a bar, buffet, curtains, and/or the coffee and end tables to carry the heart of the style. Then, balance out that with a few subtle pieces such as an Italian leather couch or chair with clean lines.

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