Remodel Your Home In The Venetian Style

An Introduction To Venetian Interior Design

In an effort to buck the current trend of planned communities with cookie-cutter houses decked out in matching decor, some home owners are searching for ways to personalize the living spaces within their modern homes. When it comes to interior design, there are numerous different styles plus an almost infinite number of variations on popular themes. Yet many home owners, wanting an option that is both tasteful and unique, are discovering the simple pleasures of decorating in the Venetian style.

While Venetian blinds have long been a must-have window treatment in well-appointed homes, there are a great many other ways to bring Venetian elegance and beauty into any room. Placing a Venetian mirror in a bedroom or hallway adds style and depth beyond what most wall hangings can offer. Venetian mirrors are manufactured with techniques that were kept secret for centuries by the artisans who made them. Placing gold leaf in the mirror to create decorative designs, and using lead to produce a pure white look in the glass, the craftsmen of Venice set the standard which all other mirror manufacturers would strive in vain to reach. Today’s Venetian mirrors are based on the centuries-old techniques, exhibiting the same quality workmanship as the mirrors of yesterday.

Venetian mirrors come in a variety of designs, each one a work of art, and all intended to reflect the taste and grace of the owner. Venetian mirrors work particularly well in places with low light, capturing and enhancing all ambient light to bring a graceful glow into any living space.

Another method of bringing that charming Venetian atmosphere into your home is to apply Venetian plaster to the walls. Venetian plaster is much more than a simple wall treatment. Decorative Venetian plaster has the look and warmth of polished marble, lending your Venetian style home the proper authenticity of true Italian craftsmanship. With made-to-order color schemes and application techniques that have truly endured the test of time, Venetian plaster works with almost any interior design style. From rustic earth tones to more modern and innovative hues, Venetian plaster will hug your walls with vibrant color and surround you with the feel of marble’s strength and permanence.

The final touch in creating a true Venetian atmosphere is to add elegant Venetian furniture. The furniture designated as Venetian during the 18th and 19th centuries was impressively ornate and flamboyantly luxurious, crafted of richly polished woods with intricate inlays and burnished finishes. Any room instantly becomes cozy and charming when furniture crafted in the Venetian style moves in.

When planning your living space, you want to surround yourself with the style and quality that fits your taste. Venetian interior design provides old-world craftsmanship to suit modern demands for timeless elegance.

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