Venetian Bathroom Design

A Venetian Style Bathroom

Creating an elegant Venetian bathroom is one of the more exciting design projects to take on, especially when you are re-designing an existing bathroom that is dull and drab. From the fixtures to the decorations, when finished, the bathroom will show like a work of art.

If the space you are designing is small, your best option is to go with a pedestal sink. The pedestal sink takes very little space and allows more room for a toilet and shower. Pedestal sinks come in a variety of Venetian-influenced designs and are most commonly made from vitreous china. It is also easy to find toilets that match the pedestal sinks. Try pairing a matching commode with a wall-hung tank for a more European look. Use broad-striped wallpaper alternating between thin lines of gold and larger stripes of cornflower blue and contrasting floral trim along the top border. Add an ornate gold-framed rectangular mirror, Venetian gold light fixtures, and gold faucet and handles to create an elegant Venetian bathroom design for a small space.

If you have more room to work with and are designing or re-designing a full-size Venetian bathroom, there are several more options to consider. Starting with a dark wood Venetian vanity, a good pairing would be a white marble counter-top with built-in basin. A white commode with matching tank and a matching bidet would again give the bathroom a more European look. For a more unusual and elegant touch, instead of installing a built-in basin atop the vanity, consider installing a vessel sink. Vessel sinks come in hundreds of designs and colors. Pairing the vanity with a medium-blue vessel or a deep red vessel with gold inlays would work perfectly in a Venetian-themed bathroom.

Flooring is a very important consideration when designing a Venetian bathroom. To add a look of timeless elegance, choose a marble floor tile that contains Venetian glass within it. This type of marble tile comes in many base colors such as white, black, grey and off-white. Using a white-based tile for the larger bathroom will make it look more spacious, while using black for the smaller bathroom will give it a more intimate feel.

Again, ornate gold light fixtures and mirrors are a given. If using a fabric shower curtain, make sure that it has gold accent curtain holders. A dark background with a floral or striped design, making sure the fabric is rich-looking and not gaudy, will complete the look.

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning a Venetian bathroom design is that this particular design scheme leans toward the ornate and, therefore, the richer looking the wood, the shinier the faucets, and the more expensive-looking the flooring, the more beautiful the bathroom will be.

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