Genuine Exquisite Venetian Mirrors

Italy has a rich tradition of art and crafts. Masters such as Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci have given us art the world admires. Italy’s craft can be seen in the carvings, luxurious fabric and fine glass.
 It has a history of fine glass making that goes back over 500 years.
 Murano and Venice are known the world over for fine glass. 
The very best of Italian art is reflected in the exquisite Venetian mirrors that have retained a timeless charm and appeal to this day. 
Today, Venetian mirrors are becoming popular once again, complementing the rise in popularity of classic renaissance style furniture.
 Venetian mirrors add to the classic boudoir look in bedrooms with their sophisticated and rich, elegant frames. Look into a plain mirror and look into a Venetian mirors with your reflection so elegantly framed. 
It takes patience, absolutely amazing craftsmanship and loving care to craft a truly elegant round Venetian mirrors. Perhaps only dedicated Italian artisans can give the enchantingly good looks of original Italian Venetian round mirrors. 

Hand crafted, each genuine Italian Venetian mirror is one of its kind and a piece of art. Choice woods, richly caned with flower festoons, scrolls and gilding make the Venetian mirrors from Italy ideal not only for bedrooms but also for bathrooms. Italian glass has a liquid quality unmatched by that produced elsewhere in the world and reflections take on a warm glow—yet another reason to choose only genuine Italian Venetian mirrors. 

Italian Venetian mirrors have become so popular they are copied and cheap reproductions with metallic or even plastic frames abound. However, such reproductions can never truly convey the feel, the looks and the aura of genuine Italian Venetian mirrors. The personalized craftsmanship and attention to intricate loving detail is absent and these cheap mirrors are just that—cheap reproductions.

 Surely you would not want guests or visitors to draw their inferences from such reproductions hanging on your walls would you On the other hand just think of the image you convey when you have only genuine Italian Venetian mirrors in your home.

 The glass used in the mirrors is usually sourced from Venice and Murano—each with a tadition of over 500 years of making the finest. Genuine Italian Venetian mirrors use special, expensive silvering process using pure silver that gives an entirely different look. Besides, the mirror is embellished with engravings and precisely assembled with care as a piece of art.

 This is yet another reason why only genuine Italian Venetian mirrors are head and shoulders above the rest. There are select manufacturers in Italy who still use traditional methods of making genuine Italian Venetian mirrors. 

They have craftsman who work with hand tools, use traditional materials like wood and then the glass itself is turned into a mirror using the age old technique using pure silver to give it the rich renaissance look. 

Usually Venetian mirrors will bear rich engraving and embellishments. Each process is done by hand, checked by the craftsman and finished to perfection. All these activities take time and guarantee a unique piece each time. 

It may cost but an Italian Venetian mirror gives you pride of ownership. And, as happens with objets d’art, the value multiplies down the years. You may spend quite a bit on a genuine Italian Venetian mirror made by Italian master craftsmen in Italy, but you can be sure the value will increase with the passage of time.

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