The Mysterious Venetian Masks

The Venetian Mask – Still As Popular As Ever

The mysterious Venetian mask became popular centuries ago when they were used to protect the identity of the wearer. While wearing the mask a person could act different than normal, maybe even outrageous, and be protected by being anonymous. The Venetian masks are best known for being worn during the Carnevale, the Carnival of Venice. These masks come in a variety of types, colors and trims. Traditionally Venetian masks are very ornate with bright jewel tone colors and decorated in a very complex style. Mask markers in Venetian made these spectacular masks form papier-mâché and decorated them with wild combinations of fur, rhinestones, fabric, exotic bird feathers, gems and ribbons.

Venetian masks can be full-face masks such as the bauta or eye masks like the Columbina. The masks became a symbol of freedom, as everyone was an equal when wearing a mask. Even today, formal balls with Venetian masks are very popular. Wearing the masks at the ball make it easy to envision how it must have been centuries ago when masks first became popular. While the beautiful Venetian masks continue to dazzle visitors to the Carnevale, they have found another purpose. Today they are also very popular when used as wall decorations.

Regardless of your home décor, Venetian masks can add a brilliantly colored focal point. With the wide variety of masks, you are sure to find some that will fit in your home. The masks come in every color of the rainbow and the trims are as varied as your imagination. Venetian masks can be found in deep rich colors for traditional room designs or in bright primary colors for a sudden splash of color that is sure to be noticed. They also come in softer colors to match a romantic theme. Some people have found a Venetian mask that they loved so much that they designed a room around it. So when you decide to redecorate consider adding a Venetian mask to your home.

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